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[This idea is still under development, but comments are welcome on this page.]


So, it's here now. ReleaseEarlyReleaseOften. It's working for me, but it needs some docs and some people to play with it. Anyone interested?

-- LesOrchard - 01 Mar 2002


I receive fewer items of email than news items I manage to skim in a day, yet I never seem to get around to skimming or reading all of the email. So, it might be useful to treat mail as news items, turn my mail folders into personally syndicated weblogs.

MailToRSS will merge my incoming email stream with my news stream. Produce RSS from mailbox indexes, provide links to read mail items, provide forms with which to reply to email ala weblog comments.



I really need to write out complete docs for this thing, simple as it is. But, until then, here are some brief sketchy points:

  • ImapRss? component
    • Configuration
    • Web Methods
      • index.cgi?method=rss&mailbox=cocoa-dev&msgs=15
        • Produces an RSS feed of 15 newest messages in mailbox cocoa-dev
      • index.cgi?method=read&mailbox=cocoa-dev&msg=45
        • Displays message 45 in mailbox cocoa-dev

Running thoughts / References

  • Somehow abstract/precis list digests?
    • Chop off management info, show list of messages
  • Abstract other mail messages
  • Auto-digest lists that aren't in digest mode?
    • Chunk newest 10 together?
  • How to link back for reply? (mailto: ?)
  • Interface directly to an IMAP account? Support mbox / MH?

-- LesOrchard - 01 Mar 2002

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imap.conf manage 0.5 K 01 Mar 2002 - 06:56 LesOrchard Sample ImapRss? config file
imap-rss-01mar2002.tar.gz manage 5.6 K 01 Mar 2002 - 07:04 LesOrchard MailToRSS web application (as of 01-Mar-2002)

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