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I was reading Aaronland and remembered this thought:

The Mail::Audit::Weblog thought experiment seems like another way to do what I want to with MailToRSS, only with the smarts on the server. Would work for me, too, since I replaced procmail with Mail::Audit a year or so ago to mangle my mail. I wonder which approach would be easier for most people?

The best mail setup I had, which I need to put together again, was an IMAP server on my home linux box behind a cable modem, which used fetchmail to slurp down email from all my other boxes, POP3 boxes included. The idea is to try to keep myself independant of mail client. I got really tired of all my POP3-downloaded mail being stuck on whatever machine I happened to read it on.

One thing I have been thinking of is how can I replicate that IMAP setup from my Linux box in a small, easy-to-install, runs-in-the-Windows-tray or runs-in-the-Mac-dock package. Slurp down mail from multiple accounts into a single local IMAP repository. Make it easy to archive up and move it to another machine or back it up. Allow lots of little tools access to repository as plugins. Do searches, analyze things, harvest URLs, cleanse spam, bundle and archive old messages, whatever. Use any IMAP-capable email client to read your mail, while staying free of mail client lock-in.

I've just been going nuts lately with thought experiments in PersonalServers.

-- LesOrchard - 09 Mar 2002

I run Courier IMAP both on my mail server and my laptop. I synchronize all my Maildir folders with Unison between the server and the laptop. Procmail does filtering&classifying on the server side, and Thunderbird (Mozilla Mail) handles the spam problem at the laptop end. The Maildir format makes two-way synchronization possible, and I can always work with my mail folders both on the server and on the laptop (even off-line), and I can trust that all the changes get replicated correctly at both ends.

I use Courier IMAP only on Linux, but the source tree contains a readme for Cygwin. Maybe it might compile on Windows with Cygwin? Mac OS X shouldn't be a big problem, I suppose.

-- akaihola - 06 Jul 2003

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