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[This idea is under development, comments are welcome on this page.]


This is a really lame description. Needs work.

Along with the XmlRpcFilterService, I can support XmlRpcFilteringPipes in RadioUserLand, both in developing and serving XML-RPC filters and in providing a ubiquitous client for the filters complete with desktop web-based management of pipelines and prefs. I should be able to add the same sort of options to the Dock/Tray menu of RadioUserLand that I try to support in the XmlRpcFilterService.

Why might you want this? Well, I want it so that I can experiment with being hyper-literate in my writing. That is, I want to place all things I write on the web within a context of other content I write back on my homebase. For now, this is in a wiki. I also would like to use some simplified wiki-like formatting shorthand, and it might be nice to have some simple scripting at my disposal.

Well, it just so happens that I have a way to exploit RadioUserLand glossary and macros, HTML to text conversion, and exploit features of my wiki out here on 0xDECAFBAD.

This is the tool that does it, from my desktop.


I plan on compressing this once I can get the auto-release code to do so, but for now, here it is in the buff:

Latest News

Just published a new version:

  • 0.3.5
    • Added a 'shortcuts' filter to use the new Shortcuts variant of the glossary.
    • Virgin data contains pipelines using the new shortcuts filter (you may wish to copy some of them to your pipeFiltersData)
    • Added a to-do list to the pipeFiltersInfo
    • Cleaned up a few installation bugs
    • Cleaned up a few bugs in pipeFiltersSuite.sendDataThroughPipeline()
    • Unfortunately, no web interface to manage pipelines yet.

-- LesOrchard - 07 Apr 2002

And voila, I think it's working. Download, install, try updating from time to time, ShareAndEnjoy.

-- LesOrchard - 29 Mar 2002

Actually working on cleaning things up a lot, integrating the RUsystemTrayIconMenus hack, along with Nicholas Riley's self-update code he used in WebDAV?.root. In a few hours or so (sleep depending), there should be a new version up here.

Complete installation will be:

  • Drop pipeFilters.root into Tools/
  • Click "Install Tray/Dock Menus"
  • Share & Enjoy

And thereafter, click "Update pipeFilters.root" in the Tool menu to get new versions.

-- LesOrchard - 29 Mar 2002

So I did end up uploading something, after all. :)

- LesOrchard - 28 Mar 2002


Caveats: It's getting better, but not everything quite works yet :)


  • Drop pipeFilters.root into Tools/
  • Restart RadioUserLand, or load the Tool
  • Click "Install Tray/Dock Menus" in the PipeFilters Tool menu
  • Periodically click "Update pipeFilters.root"


I plan on throwing some pretty pictures in here, but basically what you do with this thing is:

  • Select & copy some text.
  • Bring up RadioUserLand's dock/tray menu.
  • Select PipeFilters -> Apply Pipeline to Clipboard
  • Wait a few seconds until Radio tells you it's done.
  • Paste the modified text.

You can also choose from a number of out-of-box pipelines.

-- LesOrchard - 14 Mar 2002

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When I grow up, I want to be a computer scientist
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