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ShowReferers has worked decently for a first stab at the idea of the automatic linkback. Watching a myriad of other implementations pop up has gotten me started thinking about improvements for a next-generation of my own. Feel free to contribute your own wishes here.


  • Terms
    • Linkback?
    • Referer vs referrer - Correct it?

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      • referer - Misspelling, or technical language evolution?
      • referrer - Just spell it right, you dingbat.
  • Link presentation
    • Referrer link count
    • Full link list
    • RSS feed
    • E-mail notification on newly discovered referrals
  • Site integration
    • PHP drop-in script
    • Perl module for easy CGI/mod_perl use
    • Perl CGI script available for SSI use
    • JavaScript output for client-side include use
  • Annotation
    • Personal - private control panel for link annotation
    • Public - public attachment of notes
  • Karma - Simple public thumbs up/down vote on link
  • Investigation
    • Visit referring pages to harvest metadata for use in link presentation and analysis
      • Trivial effort on referring page
        • HTML page title
        • Link context text
      • Needs cooperation from referring author
        • Embedded RDF
        • Page header meta tags
  • Deployment
    • Free service like http://www.blogrolling.com
      • How to pay the bills?
    • Open source, cheap service
      • Need a biz plan. (Have little biz savvy.)

Somewhere between trivial and moderate effort: track down the permalink for a referral from a blog home page (or category page, or date archive: a default Movable Type blog will give you referrals from four URLs for a single link). Get the next n, then the previous n, internal links, looking for the same link/link text? -- PhilRingnalda 13 Jun 2002

When I grow up, I want to be a computer scientist
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