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I have a wiki on my laptop, my PDA, and on my webserver. I'd like a way in which I can keep all three of them synched up in part or in whole. Because, I use my laptop for personal notes in places where there is no internet access and I'd like certain categories of those notes to be public on my webserver. And, if I play with my PalmWiki?, there's definitely no network, so I'd like to pocket-ize parts of my wiki as well.

However, I also want to be sure not to clobber changes which might have been done while I've been away twiddling. And, I don't want to copy the whole wiki everytime I connect back up to the network.

Any other requirements or concerns?



  • Parts of some wikis should be duplicated
  • Offline viewing of online wikis is desirable
  • Online publishing of parts of offline wikis is desirable
  • Wiki has an accessible API for accessing pages and inserting pages
  • Can use XmlRpcToWiki to connect two of the same wikis
  • Can use WikiWikiBridge to convert between two different wikis


  • Define glob patterns of pages to synch and prevent synching in both directions
  • Non-destructive resolution of conflicts
  • Use RecentChanges? to determine pages needing synch
  • Use versions/dates to determine which side is newer
  • Perform merges?


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