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Running thoughts


Hmm, changed the license on the TWiki script. Something else I think I might change, though, is to allow one to add a web prefix to page names. That is, everything assumes "Main" right now, but doing a getPage('TWiki.WebHome') might be useful. This breaks any assumption that the API uses wiki-neutral WikiWords? alone, but maybe that can be a TWiki-specific feature? Or should the API assume the possibility of "odd" page names?

-- LesOrchard - 19 Feb 2002

Whoo hoo, I have the API working for UseModWiki? as of last night :)

-- LesOrchard - 22 Feb 2002

Looking at things toward implementing the XML-RPC API on MoinMoin. I will also need to update my implementation of the API in its various forms to the current state over at JSPWiki:WikiRPCInterface.

-- LesOrchard - 25 Feb 2002

Doing a lot of takling to myself. :)

-- LesOrchard - 28 Feb 2002

Hi Les, I'm trying to get this to work on TWiki and am struggling a bit. I'm way out of my depth but trying anyway. If you have the time to give me push in the right direction I'd appreciate it, however if you don't I understand that too.

TWiki version: 03 Aug 2002 * OS: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0

  1. downloaded XmlRpcToWiki, installed in $twiki/bin. Renamed to xmlrpc.
  2. changed first line to #!/usr/bin/perl -wT
  3. running ./xmlrpc yields a couple of moments of processing and then the message Status: 411 Length Required. I'm assuming this is because some kind of commandline options need to be passed. Do have any examples?

The discussions which got me going on this are: TWiki:Codev/TouchGraph and TWiki:Plugins/TouchGraphAddOn.

Thanks for your time,

-- TWiki:Main/MattWilkie 15 Oct 2002

Hey, I'm very interested in this. I don't have much time, though. Is it still going on?

I would like to build a WikiWindow? that would let one set up a web site with one kind of wiki software, except everything you see there is actually from another wiki.

I figured as long as we are writing all this ScreenScraping? stuff to transfer between different wikis, we may as well just do it once and separate the conversion into a WikiConvertor? using XmlRpc.

Is there a client or test suite available for the 3 implementations you made?


-- BayleShanks?

MarioSalzer?: I strongly believe, that this implementation is broken. Why? Compare to the JSPWiki:WikiRPCInterface, which does not fiddle with URLencoding() at all. And I also don't see the point to do so - isn't UTF-8 enough encoding, especially if most content also transfers in chunks over XML-RPC ?

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